Girls Under 16 Tier 1 2001

1Chatham Strikers G01T11413018958439
2Sarnia FC G01T114101338122631
3Nor West Black G01T1146352333-1021
4Oakridge Flames G01T1146262630-420
5Taxandria Falcons G01T1145273848-1017
6St.Thomas Warriors G01T1145092241-1915
7Southwest Fusion G01T1140014976-670

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1Jessica CONRODChatham Strikers G01T124
2Taryn DUDLEYChatham Strikers G01T114
3Alexandra RIZKALLAHSarnia FC G01T112
4Kara RUSSELLTaxandria Falcons G01T111
5Payton SABOURINChatham Strikers G01T110
7Kayla COATESChatham Strikers G01T18
8Allison BARNESSarnia FC G01T17
9CLARA SANGSTERNor West Black G01T16
10HISCOX JILLIANOakridge Flames G01T16

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Telessa SALMIKIVISarnia FC G01T111
2Hunter GAGNERChatham Strikers G01T16
3Joelle TETRAULTChatham Strikers G01T14
4ALLISON KELLYNor West Black G01T12
5HASKELL TRISHAOakridge Flames G01T12
6Lidia HERBERTSt.Thomas Warriors G01T12
7Diane CLARKESarnia FC G01T11
8HEESSELS LAURENOakridge Flames G01T11
9HISCOX JILLIANOakridge Flames G01T11
10Ivey BURNSTaxandria Falcons G01T11
11Kaitlyn THROWERSt.Thomas Warriors G01T11

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Boys Under 11 Tier 1 2006
Sarnia FCPreSpartans

Boys Under 11 Tier 2 2006
Wild BunchPreLambeth

Boys Under 12 Tier 1 2005
Golden FeetPreStrikers

Boys Under 12 Tier 2 2005
Sarnia BlackPreSpartans

Boys Under 14 Tier 1 2003
Attack0 - 5 Reds

Boys Under 15 Tier 2 2002
Titans7 - 2 Byron FC

Boys Under 16 Tier 1 2001
Sarnia FC5 - 1 LYW

Girls Under 10 Tier 1 2007
LYW WhitePreLYW Blue

Girls Under 14 Tier 2 2003
United 21 - 6 Ignite

Girls Under 16 Tier 1 2001
Chatham8 - 0 Sarnia FC


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