Boys Under 14 Tier 1 2003

1Southend United Bullets B03T11391341212028
2Tillsonburg Titans B03T11372449272223
3St Thomas Reds B03T11372433171623
4LAC Spartans FC B03T1136431914522
5Lambeth FC B03T1136253634220
6LS Croatia B03T1135262727017
7Chatham Attack B03T1135262024-417
8Woodstock Stallions B03T1121471534-197
9Nor West Black B03T11321101355-427

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1Jackson VARROTillsonburg Titans B03T118
2Nathan CHESNEYSouthend United Bullets B03T117
3Matthew PIMENTELLambeth FC B03T116
4Gregory VERMEYChatham Attack B03T19
5Santiago RODRIGUEZSouthend United Bullets B03T19
6Alton HANSONLS Croatia B03T17
7Quinn DERERTillsonburg Titans B03T17
8Ceasar HERNANDEZLAC Spartans FC B03T16
9Jeffrey CAREYChatham Attack B03T16
10Patrick LESLIETillsonburg Titans B03T16

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Arthur STANATSt Thomas Reds B03T15
2Hunter MILLIGAN LS Croatia B03T15
3Connor PULLENLAC Spartans FC B03T13
4Pompeyo CASTILLOSouthend United Bullets B03T13
5Ethan KELLYLambeth FC B03T12
6Ethan MARTIRETillsonburg Titans B03T12
7Braydon HUFFMANChatham Attack B03T11
8Joseph FIEDERNor West Black B03T11
9Sam JANKOVICWoodstock Stallions B03T11

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Boys Under 11 Tier 1 2006
Sarnia FCPreSpartans

Boys Under 11 Tier 2 2006
Wild BunchPreLambeth

Boys Under 12 Tier 1 2005
Golden FeetPreStrikers

Boys Under 12 Tier 2 2005
Sarnia BlackPreSpartans

Boys Under 14 Tier 1 2003
Attack0 - 5 Reds

Boys Under 15 Tier 2 2002
Titans7 - 2 Byron FC

Boys Under 16 Tier 1 2001
Sarnia FC5 - 1 LYW

Girls Under 10 Tier 1 2007
LYW WhitePreLYW Blue

Girls Under 14 Tier 2 2003
United 21 - 6 Ignite

Girls Under 16 Tier 1 2001
Chatham8 - 0 Sarnia FC


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