Boys Under 15/16 Tier 2 03/02

1Byron NorWest Green B02T215111348192934
2Oakridge Rhinos B02T2156274035520
3Oakridge Panthers B03T2155283447-1317
4LAC Spartans B02T2155192243-2116

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1Sean MCEVOYByron NorWest Green B02T214
2Adam SAWYERLAC Spartans B02T212
3Brandon NGUOakridge Panthers B03T212
4Jakob WITZELOakridge Rhinos B02T210
5Munthather AL-KHAZREJIOakridge Rhinos B02T28
6Lucas DIPONIOByron NorWest Green B02T27
7Tyson MOSHERByron NorWest Green B02T27
8Abdurhman AL JASSEMOakridge Panthers B03T26
9Adil MOHAMEDOakridge Rhinos B02T25
10Liam HOSKINSByron NorWest Green B02T25

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Will OXNERByron NorWest Green B02T24
2Treyton COOKOakridge Rhinos B02T22
3Drake BROWNOakridge Panthers B03T21
4Kieran MILLEROakridge Rhinos B02T21
5Owen LAMPMANOakridge Panthers B03T21
6Thomas KNIPELAC Spartans B02T21

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