Girls Under 13/14 Tier 2 05/04

1Ilderton Ignite G04T215111355154034
2Sarnia FC G04T21592429161329
3Sarnia Spirit G05T2157173425922
4Byron NorWest Green G05T21510141274-623

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1Lyndsay ADAMSIlderton Ignite G04T216
2Amber BERNARDSarnia Spirit G05T211
3Amelia NAPIERIlderton Ignite G04T28
4Kimberly FORBESSarnia Spirit G05T27
5Kylie BELLSarnia FC G04T27
6Lindsey STANTONIlderton Ignite G04T27
7Darian BROOKSSarnia FC G04T26
8Jaimie ADAMSIlderton Ignite G04T26
9Rebecca HANEYSarnia Spirit G05T26
10Ella JACKSONSarnia Spirit G05T25

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Emma FERBERIlderton Ignite G04T28
2Rayna BURBANKSarnia FC G04T26
3Lillian BERNARDSarnia Spirit G05T24
4Kaylee BUSBYSarnia Spirit G05T21

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