Girls Under 16 2003

1Byron SC Green 03GT11414005985142
2Byron SC Black 03GT21492331191229
3Strathroy United FC 03GT2147252426-223
4Woodstock Strikers 03GT2146173239-719
5Wallaceburg Sting 03GT2146081922-318
6St Thomas Reds 03GT2143382448-2412
7Dorchester 03GT2142482629-310
8LAC Curinga FC 03GT2141492246-247

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1Hayley SALVADORByron SC Green 03GT123
2Adeline KRISTOFFByron SC Black 03GT211
3Alyssa WEAVERLAC Curinga FC 03GT29
4Caitlynn FREWStrathroy United FC 03GT29
5Mackenzie BARBERByron SC Green 03GT18
6Sydney CHAMPIONDorchester 03GT28
7Lily RYDERSt Thomas Reds 03GT27
8Sherah KUIPERSt Thomas Reds 03GT27
9Annika THOMPSONWoodstock Strikers 03GT26
10Brianna CAEIROSt Thomas Reds 03GT26

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Ella MITCHELLByron SC Black 03GT26
2Grace MURRAYByron SC Green 03GT14
3Ryley STEWARTByron SC Green 03GT14
4Kayleigh RITCHIEWallaceburg Sting 03GT23
5Cassidy VANPRAETStrathroy United FC 03GT22
6Alina WILSONWoodstock Strikers 03GT21
7Jessye RADYSt Thomas Reds 03GT21
8Ruby SEBINAGANADorchester 03GT21

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Boys Under 11 Tier 2 2008
SpartansPreTTFC 08B


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