Under 13 Boys Tier 3

1Glencoe 2009BT312101198237531
2Southend United Summersiders 2009BT31190269264327
3Byron Yellow 2009BT31261558382019
4Lucan Irish 2009BT3102081868-506
5Whitecaps London 2009BT311001113101-880

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1Matthew MCDONALDGlencoe 2009BT334
2Nathan MatosSouthend United Summersiders 2009BT333
3Oliver HAMILTONGlencoe 2009BT322
4Jaxon InglisSouthend United Summersiders 2009BT317
5Max GASPARGlencoe 2009BT315
6David PosadaByron Yellow 2009BT313
7Larson LongByron Yellow 2009BT38
8Peywand MihivanSouthend United Summersiders 2009BT38
9Samuel ORENDORFFByron Yellow 2009BT38
10Hayden BARESICHGlencoe 2009BT37

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Jacob BlackSouthend United Summersiders 2009BT32
2Hunter PLAINEGlencoe 2009BT31
3Lucas GILLARDLucan Irish 2009BT31
4Pablo PosadaByron Yellow 2009BT31
5Winston JOHNSONGlencoe 2009BT31

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