Under 14/U15 09/08 Girls T2

1St Thomas 2009GT213130066115539
2Wingham 2008GT214100460213930
3Dorchester 2008GT21290347262127
4St Marys 2009GT2146084150-918
5Petrolia 2009GT2144192962-3313
6Strathroy United 2009GT21330101442-289
7Croatia 2009GT21411121661-454

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1Charlotte RICHARDSONSt Marys 2009GT221
2Madison LEGERWingham 2008GT221
3Meagan MUNROPetrolia 2009GT219
4Breah PAYNESt Thomas 2009GT216
5Kerris MOORESt Thomas 2009GT216
6Alexandra CENTENOSt Thomas 2009GT214
7Briella CAMPBELLWingham 2008GT212
8Bryn MCINNESWingham 2008GT29
9Emma CARTERWingham 2008GT29
10Chloe BOZIKDorchester 2008GT28

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Riley GAIGNEURSt Thomas 2009GT27
2Lacey HEIBEINWingham 2008GT25
3Lucy GROVESDorchester 2008GT22
4Tiffany LETKEMANNStrathroy United 2009GT22
5Charis VANDER KLIPPEWingham 2008GT21
6Chloe BOZIKDorchester 2008GT21
7Isabella VERMEERSCHWingham 2008GT21
8Kirsten MCKICHANSt Marys 2009GT21
9Mya HANNDorchester 2008GT21
10Phoenix BURNSPetrolia 2009GT21

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