Under 16 Girls Tier 3

1Taxandria 2006GT312110150113933
2St Marys Storm 2006GT31281361204125
3Lucan Irish 2006GT21281339192025
4St Columban 2006GT3115153833516
5Whitecaps London 2007GT3124172734-713
6Whitecaps London 2006GT3122283076-468
7Delko Brydge 2007GT31100111668-520

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1Rachel AndrigoWhitecaps London 2006GT319
2Ava ROBINSONSt Columban 2006GT318
3Megan BLAISLucan Irish 2006GT216
4Anna-Lynn PASTOORTaxandria 2006GT314
5Madeleine MONISIT BROWNSt Marys Storm 2006GT313
6Sydney GRANTSt Marys Storm 2006GT310
7Keria MCLEODTaxandria 2006GT39
8Avery JONESSt Marys Storm 2006GT38
9Jenna MARSHTaxandria 2006GT38
10Kerian HOLLINGSWORTHTaxandria 2006GT38

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Alyce RUTHIGSt Marys Storm 2006GT33
2Olivia MINTENTaxandria 2006GT33
3Ally ROPSTaxandria 2006GT32
4Maria Isabel ROMANSt Columban 2006GT31
5Natalie CHALMERSLucan Irish 2006GT21
6Rachel UsherWhitecaps London 2007GT31
7Sage Doxtator-YoungWhitecaps London 2007GT31

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