Girls Under 13 Tier 1 2005

1Byron NorWest Yellow G05T11170432141821
2Chatham Strikers 13 G05T1124441720-316
3Strathroy United FC G05T1125161830-1216
4St Thomas Strikers G05T1124353130115
5Southwest Titans G05T1114252024-414
6Oakridge Fury G05T100000000

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1Lily RYDERSt Thomas Strikers G05T110
2Averie LINDSAYSt Thomas Strikers G05T18
3Naylan EVAGELINOSByron NorWest Yellow G05T18
4Alex MARYSCHAKChatham Strikers 13 G05T16
5Stella HISCOXSouthwest Titans G05T16
6Jordyn KORMENDIStrathroy United FC G05T15
7Lucie MAINEChatham Strikers 13 G05T15
8Paige MARCHANTSouthwest Titans G05T15
9Raeden BLACKByron NorWest Yellow G05T15
10Siya DALALByron NorWest Yellow G05T15

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Hailey EVANSStrathroy United FC G05T14
2Jenna WAKELINByron NorWest Yellow G05T14
3Leah GERVAISChatham Strikers 13 G05T12
4Lauren GOLDSACKSouthwest Titans G05T11
5Yanni SAILUSt Thomas Strikers G05T11

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