Girls Under 15 Tier 1 2003

1Southwest Fury G03T11414007576842
2Byron NorWest Green G03T115110449143533
3Chatham Strikers 15 G03T1158253032-226
4Strathroy United FC G03T1153572843-1514
5Woodstock Strikers G03T11523102251-299
6St Thomas Red Devils G03T11410131370-573

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1Ella VANDESOMPELSouthwest Fury G03T117
2Hayley SALVADORStrathroy United FC G03T112
3Ariana LONGSouthwest Fury G03T111
4Isabella CHIARAMIDAByron NorWest Green G03T111
5Pyper SMOLDERSChatham Strikers 15 G03T111
6Allysa GREIDANUSSouthwest Fury G03T110
7Sarah BROWNStrathroy United FC G03T18
8Taylor ARNOLDChatham Strikers 15 G03T18
9Abby BUNTINGByron NorWest Green G03T16
10Kathleen MITCHELLByron NorWest Green G03T16

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Hannah BUCKRELLSouthwest Fury G03T18
2Grace MURRAYByron NorWest Green G03T15
3Shytan WAUTHIERChatham Strikers 15 G03T12
4Sydney MODIENChatham Strikers 15 G03T12
5Julianne DENNISByron NorWest Green G03T11
6Madelyn MAKEDOSWoodstock Strikers G03T11

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