Girls U16 T1/2/U17 T2 02/01

1Lambeth FC G02T114112159134635
2Woodstock Strikers G01T214111261134834
3Strathroy United FC G02T114102253124132
4Ilderton Ignite G01T2147163031-122
5Taxandria Falcons G01T2145093555-2015
6St Thomas Cyclones G01T21420121446-326
7Delko Brydge SC G02T2140014890-820

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1Allison COUWENBERGWoodstock Strikers G01T229
2Darienne PATKAUStrathroy United FC G02T123
3Kayla MACKENZIELambeth FC G02T114
4Haily SUESSLambeth FC G02T112
5Abbey CONNELLLambeth FC G02T19
6Mackenzie GODLEWSKIWoodstock Strikers G01T29
7Jillian HISCOXIlderton Ignite G01T28
8Kara RUSSELLTaxandria Falcons G01T27
9Olivia WHITETaxandria Falcons G01T27
10Ellie DEASELambeth FC G02T16

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Alexis BIRCHWoodstock Strikers G01T28
2Caylin EVANSStrathroy United FC G02T18
3Peytan CLAESSENSLambeth FC G02T17
4Tate RYANIlderton Ignite G01T23
5GRACE THORNTONSt Thomas Cyclones G01T21
6GRACIE CARRSt Thomas Cyclones G01T21
7Ivey BURNSTaxandria Falcons G01T21

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