Girls Under 17/18 Tier 1 01/00

1Byron NorWest Green G00T11512216265638
2Sarnia FC G01T1158342722527
3Sarnia Spirit G00T1155461517-219
4Byron NorWest Green G01T1154472639-1316
5LM Azzurri G01T11550101956-3715
6Ilderton Ignite G00T1153392231-912

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Paige BAYNHAMByron NorWest Green G00T128
2Alexandra RIZHALLAHSarnia FC G01T112
3CLARA SANGSTERByron NorWest Green G01T111
4Brooke STARKIlderton Ignite G00T19
5Melanie MOOREByron NorWest Green G00T19
6Allison BARNESSarnia FC G01T15
7Erica D'ANDREASarnia Spirit G00T15
8Laura COSGROVELM Azzurri G01T15
9PAYTON FARREN SHARPByron NorWest Green G01T15
10Stefannie MARTINEZLM Azzurri G01T15

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Jessie SLADEByron NorWest Green G00T111
2Abigail CLOUSESarnia Spirit G00T16
3Jessica UNDERWOODIlderton Ignite G00T12
4Telessa SALMIKIVISarnia FC G01T12
5CASSANDRA POWERSByron NorWest Green G01T11
6Diane CLARKESarnia FC G01T11
7JOCELYN PEARSONByron NorWest Green G01T11
8Makena LUNDYLM Azzurri G01T11
9Sophie THOMPSONByron NorWest Green G00T11

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