Boys Under 13/14 Tier 2 05/04

1Strathroy United FC B04T21413101211710440
2St Thomas Storm B04T2141013103376631
3Simcoe FC B05T21482477522526
4Byron NorWest Green B04T21463572571521
5LAC Spartans B04T2146265966-720
6Strathroy United FC B05T21453671482318
7Lambeth FC B05T214101319129-1103
8Byron NorWest Black B05T214101317133-1163

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1Landyn COATESStrathroy United FC B04T234
2Carter LAWRENCESt Thomas Storm B04T229
3Andre FEERE **Simcoe FC B05T220
4Rowan JOHNSStrathroy United FC B04T220
5William MANTELSt Thomas Storm B04T219
6Andrew ROSKAMPSt Thomas Storm B04T217
7Mattias FARIAStrathroy United FC B05T216
8Cole BROWNSt Thomas Storm B04T215
9Vincent HUANGSimcoe FC B05T215
10Blake WHYTEByron NorWest Green B04T214

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Dante BROCKStrathroy United FC B04T23
2Keith DORTMANSStrathroy United FC B04T22
3Trent CLINTONSt Thomas Storm B04T22
4Zachary SUMPTONByron NorWest Green B04T22
5JT HODGINSStrathroy United FC B04T21
6Luke MCCABESimcoe FC B05T21
7Luke VANDEWALLEStrathroy United FC B05T21
8Marco GARCIA **Simcoe FC B05T21
9Noah BLAAUBOERStrathroy United FC B05T21

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