Boys Under 15 Tier 1 2003

1LAC Spartans B03T11411213682835
2LS Croatia B03T114102245133232
3Tillsonburg Titans B03T11490543202327
4St Thomas Reds B03T11481534201425
5Simcoe FC B03T1146171824-619
6Oakridge Thunder B03T1143292632-611
7Lambeth FC B03T11430111970-519
8Sarnia FC B03T1141211943-345

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1Zach VANDENNEUCKERTillsonburg Titans B03T113
2Jackson VARROTillsonburg Titans B03T111
3Joseph VEGA GONZALEZOakridge Thunder B03T111
4Antonio PECORELLILAC Spartans B03T19
5Matthew PIMENTELLS Croatia B03T19
6Jagger MARLOWLS Croatia B03T18
7Fabian Wilson-Chambers LAC Spartans B03T17
8Jack TUNSTILLSt Thomas Reds B03T17
9Connor RUSINLS Croatia B03T16
10Evan GEURTSSt Thomas Reds B03T16

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Connor PULLENLAC Spartans B03T17
2Ethan MARTIRETillsonburg Titans B03T16
3Hunter MILLIGANLS Croatia B03T14
4Joseph FIEDERLS Croatia B03T14
5Kieran STARKSimcoe FC B03T13
6Arthur STANATSt Thomas Reds B03T12
7Christian VECCHIOSt Thomas Reds B03T12
8Matthew PALARCHIOOakridge Thunder B03T12
9Aaron SMITHSarnia FC B03T11
10Brayden CARMICHAELLambeth FC B03T11
11Jeremy MACMILLANSarnia FC B03T11
12Joseph ZANGARILambeth FC B03T11
13Luke Cox Tillsonburg Titans B03T11

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