Boys Under 16 Tier 1 2002

1Byron NorWest Yellow B02T114101344222231
2Chatham Attack B02T11492335201529
3LAC Spartans B02T11491444232128
4Tillsonburg Titans B02T11440102250-2812
5Oakridge B02T11410132151-303

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1Stefan BOROVICANIN Chatham Attack B02T115
2Trever EBERTByron NorWest Yellow B02T112
3Dylan DEVITOByron NorWest Yellow B02T18
4Bimal TAMANGLAC Spartans B02T17
5Anthony PANDOLFOOakridge B02T16
6Blake ROYTillsonburg Titans B02T16
7Isaac FRADALAC Spartans B02T16
8Joey STIMACByron NorWest Yellow B02T16
9Joshua BALANChatham Attack B02T16
10Matheos TOLALAC Spartans B02T16

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Ashton VAN HELDENChatham Attack B02T15
2Connor Pullen LAC Spartans B02T14
3Noah GATFIELDByron NorWest Yellow B02T11

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