Girls Under 14 Tier 1 2004

1Strathroy United FC G04T1159512314932
2Oakridge Force G04T1156362626021
3LS Croatia G04T1154561720-317
4Byron NorWest Yellow G04T1152581622-611

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1Sofia KRETZSCHMARByron NorWest Yellow G04T110
2Janessa DIEBOLDStrathroy United FC G04T17
3Bella YEOLS Croatia G04T16
4Courtney HAGGITHOakridge Force G04T16
5Hannah SZEKERESOakridge Force G04T16
6Emily DUNFORDOakridge Force G04T14
7Olivia DAPONTEStrathroy United FC G04T14
8Shae BARRETTLS Croatia G04T14
9Ally KUIPERSLS Croatia G04T13
10Avery Taylor Strathroy United FC G04T13

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Daniela IELLAMOLS Croatia G04T15
2Taya MCKEENStrathroy United FC G04T14
3Callie KILMERByron NorWest Yellow G04T12
4Keira MEIKLEOakridge Force G04T12
5Rachel GODTSStrathroy United FC G04T12
6Madison CHANTLEROakridge Force G04T11

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