Girls Under 14 2005

1St Columban SC 05GT114103125111433
2Byron SC Yellow 05GT11372434191523
3Sarnia Spirit 05GT11465325101523
4Strathroy United FC Dash 05GT1146442827122
5St Thomas Reds 05GT1144462735-816
6Chatham Strikers 05GT1133461725-813
7Oakridge Fury O5GT1144191832-1413
8Southwest Titans 05GT1142391631-159

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1Lily RYDERSt Thomas Reds 05GT116
2Heidi MILESOakridge Fury O5GT111
3Naylan EVAGELINOSByron SC Yellow 05GT110
4Brooke KNAPPStrathroy United FC Dash 05GT19
5ABBY STONEHOUSEChatham Strikers 05GT17
6Imogen SALINSt Thomas Reds 05GT16
7Mikayla TURNBULLStrathroy United FC Dash 05GT16
8Raeden BLACKByron SC Yellow 05GT16
9Stephanie DORIONByron SC Yellow 05GT16
10Audrey ELLERINGTONSt Columban SC 05GT15

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Shaylyn PIERCESarnia Spirit 05GT17
2Callie MOIRSt Columban SC 05GT16
3Haily EVANSStrathroy United FC Dash 05GT14
4Lauren GOLDSACKSouthwest Titans 05GT13
5Jenna WAKELINByron SC Yellow 05GT12
6Savannah MCCOWANOakridge Fury O5GT12
7Edrice STOFFERSouthwest Titans 05GT11
8Jessye RADYSt Thomas Reds 05GT11
9Lillian BERNARDSarnia Spirit 05GT11
10LYDIA HOULEChatham Strikers 05GT11
11Maira DOWNEYStrathroy United FC Dash 05GT11

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Boys Under 11 Tier 2 2008
SpartansPreTTFC 08B


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