Girls Under 15 Tier 2 2003

1Wallaceburg Sting G03T21410402571834
2Dorchester Attack G03T214102251143732
3Byron NorWest Black G03T214100448123630
4LAC Curinga G03T2146172822619
5Ilderton Ignite G03T2146083033-318
6Lambeth FC G03T2143011844-369
7Taxandria Falcons G03T2140113159-581

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1Adie KRISTOFFByron NorWest Black G03T214
2Natalie SCHMITIlderton Ignite G03T29
3Alyssa WEAVERLAC Curinga G03T28
4Jaime WORSFOLDDorchester Attack G03T28
5Leaha JOHNSTONDorchester Attack G03T28
6Claire FLANAGANIlderton Ignite G03T27
7Megan FRASERByron NorWest Black G03T27
8Shaelyn LINTONDorchester Attack G03T27
9Emily SCOTTLAC Curinga G03T26
10Jordyn SCHROEDERByron NorWest Black G03T26

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Kayleigh RITCHIEWallaceburg Sting G03T210
2Jasmine COOPERByron NorWest Black G03T25
4Sydney CHAMPIONDorchester Attack G03T24
5Nikolette MICHITALAC Curinga G03T23
6Olivia SCHMITIlderton Ignite G03T23
7Ruby SEBINGANADorchester Attack G03T23
8Tyne TOWNSENDIlderton Ignite G03T22

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