Elgin Middlesex  District Soccer League District Cup  Rules & Regulations

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 The Competition

  1.  EMDSL will hold an annual cup competition, known as the District Cup.
  2. Teams reaching the finals will each receive an award accordingly, “Champions” and “Finalists”.

1.3 All cup competitions of the League, Association and the (OSA) Ontario Cup take precedence over  all games under the jurisdiction of the League.

1.4 In the event of a tied game at the completion of regular time, an overtime consisting of two ten minute halves shall be played in the finals. In preliminary, quarter and semi finals, no overtime will be played they will go straight to penalty kicks. If a team official requests a rest at the completion of regular time, a maximum of five minutes rest shall be granted prior to the commencement of overtime. No rest is permitted at overtime half time. Golden Goal (aka Sudden Death) rules will apply, i.e. the team that scores first in overtime is the winner. 

1.5  If the referee determines that natural conditions exist that prevent the completion of the game, (e.g. bad light, inclement weather, etc.), then the entire game shall be replayed at a later date and time arranged by the League Scheduler. There is no ¾ rule in District Cup Competition.

The Rules

1.6  The EMDSL Constitution and the EMDSL Rules & Regulations are in full effect for all District Cup   games except where noted within these rules.

1.7  Teams must play in the District Cup. Teams failing to play, unless for overriding OSA games, (e.g. Ontario Cup), or OSA player situation (Provincial Team games), will be fined, according to EMDSL Rules & Regulations.

The Competition Format

1.8  U13 to U18 age groups will play a single knockout format. 

The Draw

1.9   The schedule will be determined by random draw prior to the start of the season. All clubs are  welcome to attend the draw.

1.10 No two (2) teams from the same club may be drawn together in the first round of pool play, unless          there is only one group (e.g. 4/5 team division).  The second team drawn will be moved to the next available group.

Game Locations and Scheduling

1.11     Preliminary and quarter final rounds will be played at the home team’s venue. It is the home team’s responsibility to book the field.  The home team will assume the cost of field rental.

1.12     The schedule and host venues for the District Cup will be posted on the EMDSL website.

Match Officials

1.13     In the U13 to U18 age divisions all quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals of the District Cup will have assistant referees.

1.14     The League will pay all match official fees related to the District Cup in the semi finals and finals only. Preliminary and quarter finals match official fees will be split 50/50 between the home and away teams.

Player Eligibility

  1. A player can only play for one team, to which they are registered in the EMDSL District Cup  Competition and must be in possession of an OSA ID Card, which must be validated at least 72 hours before the game. Trial players are not permitted in Cup or playoff games.  Players are not allowed to “play up” in any EMDSL Cup or playoff games.
  2. At all District Cup games, each team must show the opposing team their player cards.


  3. Protests of preliminary and quarter finals District Cup games must be filed within 24 hours of    completion of the game. 
  4. Protests of a semi or final District Cup game must be filed within one hour of completion to the   game.
  5. All protests must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. Where a protest is received, the Cup Competition in that division will not move to the next round until the issue is resolved.

1.20   The decision of the League Cup Committee shall be binding on all parties and not subject to appeal.

  1. Any team found guilty of using ineligible players will forfeit all games and all awards pertaining to The District Cup.

May 1st 2017



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