2020-2021 Indoor Registration

With the cancellation of the 2020 Outdoor Season and the concerns and restrictions imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic, trying to put together an indoor season has been extremely challenging. EMDSL Board members met numerous times to discuss options and most recently on Sep 13 and 14, to put together our plan for the 2020/2021 Indoor Season at the BMO. You will notice the format has changed significantly from our usual format, where teams played weekly, on Sundays, for 15-18 weeks, from October till April.
This year the EMDSL will be running a system where the Game Days resemble something closer to a Tournament / Festival format. Below are listed some of the highlights. We have also included several attachments, that Simon has prepared, that get into specific details and hopefully answer most of your questions.
Please be advised that with this format, and the limitations imposed by the Government, as it relates to social distancing and maximum numbers of people allowed within enclosed spaces, there will be a limited number of teams that we will be able to register in each division. So, if you are interested in participating, be aware of  the following:
  • Registration deadline is September 25, 2020
  • Registrations will be accepted on a "first come, first served" basis
  • Registration and payment will be done online, through Sportsengine
  • number of teams allowed in each division will be capped, so it is important to remember that the cap could be reached prior to the deadline
  • game days will be Sundays, (same as last year)
  • U8-U9 will be 5V5 format
  • U10-U12 will be 7V7 format
  • U13-U18 will be 9V9 format
  • target date for season kick-off is October 25, 2020
  • teams would be playing 3 games on their Game Days, but designated  Game Days would be monthly rather than weekly. Games would be played within a 4 hour block.
  • options that teams can register for would be: a 2 Game Day option, a 3 Game Day option, and a 4 Game Day option. Teams picking the 2 day or 3 day options will be able to choose which Game Days they would like to  to paricipate  in from the Game Days available for their division 
  • Our refund policy is quite simple, in the event a game day is cancelled, teams will be receiving a full refund.
Please see included attachments for details and specifics, and don't forget to register A.S.A.P.


Division DOB
UNDER 8 2013
UNDER 9 2012
UNDER 10 2011
UNDER 11 2010
UNDER 12 2009
UNDER 13 2008
UNDER 14 2007
UNDER 15 2006
UNDER 16 2005
UNDER 17 2004
UNDER 18 2003








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