Gus Fabrikis Bursary

Gus Fabrikis Soccer Bursary
Presented by The Elgin Middlesex District Soccer League

Any boy or girl in graduating year playing or officiating in the EMDSL. Bursary applies to the applicant and not to any educational institution

Open to any players or referees in the District Tier 1 and District Tier 2 divisions

At the Annual EMDSL AGM Meeting

Selection of winners
Candidates will submit a resume of playing, coaching or refereeing activities over their soccer careers

Candidates will submit transcript of secondary school marks

Candidates will submit a 500 word essay as to what the game of soccer means to them, and where they would like to be in the future concerning their activities in soccer. 

All applicants must be submitted to the EMDSL by June 30th of the respective year

Judging criteria:
Judging will be based on a combination of marks (20%), player resume (40%), and submitted essay (40%)

Application form:
Players wishing to apply for the Gus Fabrikis Bursary should download this form (Doc Form) and submit it with their application

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