League Schedules & Activation Code


The 2017 EMDSL Schedules have been released and are available for all to view.

Note: Not all Clubs have confirmed fields for 2017 so if a team takes longer than you think it should it may be because they are waiting on someone else to provide them with an answer.


All Club Contacts have been provided with the new 2017 activation codes. Contact them - not the league.

Everyone (and the someones) must activate themselves onto the EMDSL E2E Web Site.

All information from last year in this regard is gone - the system is cleared each season.

If you are having difficulties it is suggested that you clear your cache and try again before contacting your club rep for assistance. In the event they cannot assist you they will forward an email to the league with your phone number for us to contact you. If you make a mistake have your club rep forward us an email with your phone number / email address and we will contact you.

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