Game Changes


Scheduling & Rescheduling of Games        

1. The League Convenors must approve all changes made after the final schedule is completed. No game will be postponed or rescheduled unless the respective Convenor has received a Game Change request as submitted through the E2E website.

2. The two coaches must agree upon a new time, date and location before submitting a Game Change Request on the web site. The coach who submits the original request must indicate which team is requesting the change.

The second coach will confirm the new time, date and location on the web site. Once confirmed, these entries will complete a database for the appropriate Convenor to review and authorization. Once confirmed by the Convenor, an email will be processed to both teams advising of the approved change. This entry will also update the League Schedule.  

3. The Game Change Function is meant for changes to fixtures greater than SEVEN days. Any change required within this time frame will not be authorized except in extreme circumstances.  

4. ALL authorized game changes made after May 31 will cost the requesting team as per League Fines.

5. Game cancellations. The two coaches must submit entry into the EMDSL score system as a cancellation. The two coaches will then reschedule this cancelled game. The rescheduling of these games must be submitted within five days of the postponed game. Failure to provide the required information will result in the game being scheduled by the League with both teams being charged an administration fee.

6. Weather and Field related problems will not incur the Game Change Fee.

7.  All games scheduled by the League to be completed by the end of August, where possible.

8. Unless twenty-four (24) hours prior notice is given to the visiting team, only the referee can determine if unplayable conditions exist. Should a private club or City Parks and Recreation determine that unplayable conditions exist within less than twenty-four (24) hours notice the postponed game will be rescheduled.

9. Only the EMDSL scheduler and EMDSL Convener or their delegates are authorized to schedule or reschedule games for the League.

10. Any game(s) scheduled or rescheduled by team officials, clubs or persons not authorize will be declared null and void. Teams participating in a game not authorized by the League will default all points from the game.

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