Message from EMSA

Please be advised that if your grassroots pooled players  require an EMSA approved stamped roster, that the following steps should be taken.


1. Please complete the attached excel document (can cut and copy from the DATA Export report on AIMS to this document). 
The columns that are required are: OSA #, Fist Name, Last Name, DOB, Registration From Date, Registration To Date
In the header please have CLUB NAME, SEASON, POOLED AGE/GENDER

2. Email with the above document

3. EMSA will review and approve and electronic signature this document and email it back to the club in a PDF format.

Also, please allow sufficient time for all the above to completed.
IF you have a player that is playing up one year, a Fast Track Evaluation from needs to be completed fully.  The original document needs to be brought into the EMSA Office and the District needs to approve that player.  This needs to be completed prior to a roster being approved.

EMSA Admin

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