BMO Festival July 13-14

Excitement is building for the upcoming Outdoor Soccer Festival, presented by Bank of Montreal.
Please ensure your team arrives before the start of the game as referees have been instructed to start the clock on time.  We have added extra time in between games to make it easier to start the games on time.  Also a reminder that the home team pays the referee as these are regular season games.
The Bank of Montreal will be providing takeaway gifts for players and these can be picked up in the Skills Competition area.
Skills Competition
  • please bring your team to the Skills Competition area at your designated time below
  • coaches lead the team and all players participate in hardest shot, most accurate shot and racing
  • each team sends 3 players to the All Star Competition (one for each of the 3 events, a player can only participate in one All Star event) 
Saturday Division All Star Sunday Division All Star
9:30am Boys Under 8 Tier 1 2011 9:50am 10:10am Boys Under 9 Tier 1 2010 10:30am
10:10am Girls Under 11 Tier 1 2008 10:40am 10:35am Girls Under 11 Tier 2 2008 11am
10:10am Boys Under 11 Tier 1 2008 10:50am 11:10am Girls Under 9 Tier 1 2010 11:30am
11:10am Boys Under 8 Tier 2 2011 11:30am 11:35am Girls Under 10 Tier 1 2009 12pm
11:45am Girls Under 12 2007 12:15pm 12:10pm Girls Under 10 Tier 2 2009 12:30pm
2pm Girls Under 8 2011 2:30pm 12:40pm Girls Under 9 Tier 2 2010 1pm
4pm Boys Under 12 Tier 2 2007 4:20pm 3:10pm Boys Under 10 Tier 2 2009 3:40pm
4:30pm Boys Under 11 Tier 2 2008 4:55pm 4:10pm Boys Under 9 Tier 2 2010 4:40pm
5:50pm Boys Under 12 Tier 1 2007 6:20pm 5:10pm Boys Under 10 Tier 1 2009 5:30pm



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