Notice of AGM


The 2019 EMDSL AGM will take place on Saturday November 09, 2019 at 10:00 am, at the BMO Soccer Centre, (295 Rectory Street, London, Ontario). This is a mandatory meeting, and all Member Clubs must have at least one (1) representative at this meeting. Failure to have a representative attend, (or failure of that representative to remain for the entire meeting), will result in a fine, as prescribed by the EMDSL Rules & Regulations.
  1. The following positions are up for election to the EMDSL Board of Directors:
  • AGENDA for the 2019 AGM
  • MINUTES from 2018 AGM
  • proposed amendment to the EMDSL BY-LAWS
  • proposed amendments to the EMDSL RULES & REGULATIONS U8-U12
  • proposed amendments to the EMDSL RULES & REGULATIONS U13-U18
  • list of nominees for positions to the EMDSL Board of Directors
Nominees for Vice President                 Peter Ostojic,    Gonzalo Hanz Gomez-Daza
Nominees for Secretary                         Ihor Boytchuk,  Gonzalo Hanz Gomez-Daza
Nominees for Director U13-U18           Chris Gardiner,  Gonzalo Hanz Gomez-Daza
Nominees for Director of Referees        Tom Partalas, 
     3.   All outstanding fines and fees must be paid and brought up to date, prior to the AGM, in order for Member Clubs to remain in good standing and retain their voting rights at the AGM.

With respect to the proposed amendments, the proposed deletions have strikethroughs through them, and the proposed amendments are highlighted in yellow. 

EMDSL Agenda

EMDSL 2018 AGM Minutes

EMDSL U8-12 Amendments

EMDSL U13-U18 Amendments

EMDSL Secretary
on behalf of the Board of Directors

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