2020 Season


Thanks to all clubs who responded to our last email, canvassing which teams would be interested in a partial season, and which teams would be seeking a refund. Your feedback helped the members of the Board of Directors at our monthly meeting held Monday July 06, 2020. 
We would like to update our membership on what came out of that meeting: 
  • There will be no 2020 EMDSL outdoor season. The simple reason is that we have run out of time. Ontario Soccer indicated that we are still in phase 1, and we are already  one week into July. In order to play actual games, Ontario Soccer would have to declare that we are in phase 3, and that appears very unlikely. When you stop to consider that traditionally  outdoor seasons end prior to Labour Day, that does not leave much time, (less than 6 weeks), for even a drastically  shortened season.  Expecting Ontario Soccer to declare phase 2, and then phase 3 in the rapid succession, is simply "wishful thinking", and not "rather  likely." As a result, in accordance with our refund policy, which you were made aware of in earlier correspondence, the EMDSL will be issuing "full refunds" to all clubs for all registered teams, without charging any administrative, or holdback fees. In many cases, our Treasurer Fred Benenati has reimbursed many of the clubs already. Those that have not been reimbursed, will be shortly. Correspondence about refunds should be addressed to Fred directly.
  • To ensure Refund Cheques get sent to the correct address please have the club treasurer fill out this quick Club Update form HERE
  • Despite the lack of an outdoor season, the Board of Directors has been just as busy as ever over the last 4 months; holding meetings and discussions until this unfortunate final decision was made, communicating with our memberships on an ongoing basis, working on tentative contingency schedules and plans, in the event there was any good news, so that we wouldn't get caught flat footed. Even though our workload has not diminished, the members of the EMDSL Board of Directors have decided to forego their honorariums for the 2020 Outdoor Season. It was felt by our board that everyone has had to make sacrifices during this unfortunate time, and we would not be an exception. 
  • We are continuing to monitor developments affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, and are hoping that we will be able to have a 2020/2021 EMDSL Indoor Season. If things go well, and we get the go-ahead from Ontario Soccer and EMSA, our intention would be to start the indoor season as early as possible. Traditionally, indoor soccer starts midway through October. If the situation eases up to the point that we enter phase 3, it would be our intention to start the indoor season sometime in September. We will keep our membership posted.
  • Finally, we would like to remind all our members to be mindful of Ontario Soccer guidelines, when it comes to getting together for soccer practices and activities. There have been a litany of emails, sent out by EMSA, detailing Ontario Soccer policies and requirements when it comes to such activities. Please ensure you follow them, as there are significant penalties for non-compliance. Please refer to the EMSA and Ontario Soccer websites for details. 
Thank you all very much for your hard work, and we are hoping that we can get past this unfortunate and unexpected setback, and return to some semblance of normal as quickly as possible. 
EMDSL Secretary on behalf of the Board of Directors

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