Under 14 Boys Tier 3

1St Columban 2008BT31212008257736
2St Marys Storm 2008BT31271443281522
3Delko Brydge 2008BT31270551213021
4Grandtax 2008BT3121291680-645
5Strathroy United 2008BT31211101573-584

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Porter GONCALVES Delko Brydge 2008BT318
2Ethan FOLLETTSt Columban 2008BT315
3Owen MaxwellSt Marys Storm 2008BT315
4Rogan CATALANSt Columban 2008BT314
5Luka JURCICDelko Brydge 2008BT311
6Cameron RUDYDelko Brydge 2008BT310
7Mackinley RYANSt Columban 2008BT39
8Peirce MACDONALDSt Columban 2008BT38
9Sebastian VEROSSt Columban 2008BT38
10James Lennon MCGLYNN Delko Brydge 2008BT37

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Colin SMITHSt Columban 2008BT36
2Macgregor YORK Delko Brydge 2008BT32
3Aedan MCCAINNSt Columban 2008BT31
4Leo JensonSt Marys Storm 2008BT31
5Marc BrinkeSt Marys Storm 2008BT31
6Nathan McKeenSt Marys Storm 2008BT31
7Porter GONCALVES Delko Brydge 2008BT31

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