Under 14/U15 09/08 Girls T1

1St Columban 2008GT1149412992031
2London United Gryphons 2009GT11484234191528
3St Thomas 2008GT11475236251126
4Chatham 2009GT1146442924522
5Strathroy United 2008GT11454549351419
6Oakridge Phoenix 2009GT1144372425-115
7Sarnia Girls 2008GT1141491735-187
8Oakridge Firebirds White 2008GT11420121965-466

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1Jorja LILBOURNEStrathroy United 2008GT117
2Hayley WATERSStrathroy United 2008GT113
3Adaara O\'LEARYOakridge Phoenix 2009GT111
4Kenzie MELBERGLondon United Gryphons 2009GT110
5Mercy WYSMANChatham 2009GT19
6Katelyn BROADHEADSt Thomas 2008GT18
7RYLEE BARKEROakridge Firebirds White 2008GT18
8Hayden HODGESt Columban 2008GT17
9Abigayle VAN BAKELSt Columban 2008GT16
10Alyssa CARREIROStrathroy United 2008GT16

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Jayda DIETZSt Columban 2008GT18
2Mackenzie LAZENBYSt Thomas 2008GT14
3Sareenah-Rose DETIBEIROOakridge Phoenix 2009GT14
4Tyshk ABDULLAHLondon United Gryphons 2009GT14
5Brooklyn PETERSStrathroy United 2008GT13
6Gracie VANDERGRIENDTChatham 2009GT13
7Georgia BATESChatham 2009GT11
8Shelby HEWITTSarnia Girls 2008GT11

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