Under 14 Girls Tier 3

1St Marys Storm 2008GT31211106175434
2Whitecaps London 2008GT312100274175730
3Taxandria 2008GT3117043224821
4Ilderton Ignite 2009GT2124262139-1814
5Byron Yellow 2008GT3123451730-1313
6Lucan Shamrocks 2008GT3123362529-412
7Lucan Irish 2008GT3124082441-1712
8Glencoe 2008GT3113172044-2410
9Delko Brydge 2008GT3122193780-437

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1Davina DemeloWhitecaps London 2008GT323
2Charlotte RichardsonSt Marys Storm 2008GT316
3Melia BJELICIlderton Ignite 2009GT215
4Ashlyn ISCHELucan Irish 2008GT313
5Teniola EpemoluWhitecaps London 2008GT313
6Madeleine Monisit BrownSt Marys Storm 2008GT312
7Evelyn HellandWhitecaps London 2008GT311
8Haley BLOMMAERTLucan Shamrocks 2008GT311
9Vanessa PERIARDGlencoe 2008GT310
10Alanna SavileSt Marys Storm 2008GT39

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Adrianna Hollestelle-BlackSt Marys Storm 2008GT36
2Danica RogersWhitecaps London 2008GT34
3Keira ArmstrongByron Yellow 2008GT33
4Josslyn BONDLucan Shamrocks 2008GT32
5 Isabella ROMBOUTSTaxandria 2008GT31
6 Katelyn CORNELISSENTaxandria 2008GT31
7Ella ANTUNESGlencoe 2008GT31
8Ila DEWILDGlencoe 2008GT31
9Madyson CORBYIlderton Ignite 2009GT21
10Olivia ScottByron Yellow 2008GT31

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